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My process so far, and the story behind some of the paintings

I have always loved to paint, my late father was a painter himself. Even in the extended (and limited) family you can findpainterstalented
As an animator and multimedia designer, I found myself drawing and illustrating regularly, and I always knew that "someday" I would paint in oil or acrylic on canvas. This day came just a few months after the passing of my beloved father in 2016,Aryeh Hood (We will return to it later).
I remember the day I bought colors and fabric, I had a big smile and great satisfaction,Only from the purchase itself. At that time, I was still processing the hole that opened in my heart due to the longing for my father, and naturally I found myself painting mostly sadness and helplessness.
Painting in a difficult time
Painting in a difficult time
The first drawing
During this period I connected to the exciting music ofCharles Bradley, and I decided to try to draw him. At the same time, I started practicing yoga, and was fascinated by the ability to flex and move the body. This is how I found myself, still melancholic, but opened up to more expressions of emotion, beyond the "bok babasa" situation as in the photos above. Little by little, I got a kind of strange feeling, that in the future there will come a day when I will draw happy things.
Painting for the house
A large picture for the house
Then I came across this video, (below). This is the first time I was moved by dance. I drew two paintings inspired by him. This picture, hanging in my living room, has gone through several incarnations. And this is also the first time I used a palette knife, at first with great hesitation, then when I was in the zone, it went more smoothly. I haven't left the knife (putty knife) since. At this point, my dear wife  Of course, she asked me to hang the painting in the living room, suddenly I saw that my paintings make the house cozy.  
Beautiful paintings for the home
From then on, I knew that I was dealing with happy things and they are mainly, creation.. "music and movement". That sounds very familiar to me -"Music and movement" is the themethat my father Always a painter Cubist style (below), (except forWatercolors of alleys and landscapes). Who would have thought that these topics really suit me too.
Aryeh Hood, a dancing couple
Arya Hood Cubism
Aryeh Hood, the cellist
From now on I also decided to make it easier on myself, and paint in acrylic. Wash the brushesin the water! No turpentine smells.

I find most of my inspiration mainly on Instagram, I understood the meaning of all the books my father left behind, he was inspired by many pictures there. These books, magazines and also photos he took himself - were his "Instagram".
Among other things I found this vocal singer (below) with a pageInstagramrich in inspiration. I drew several pictures inspired by her. Of course - with putty.
Beautiful paintings for the home
Beautiful paintings for the home
A picture for the living room
The happy subjects for me are yoga, movement and creation (dance, music, etc.), as you can see in the pictures of the paintings below. These are paintings that I especially like.
Paintings and pictures for the home
Paintings and pictures for the home
Paintings and pictures for the home
And here are the paintings that are currently hanging in my house (below).
I believe that happy paintings can improve the atmosphere in their surroundings.the energythat they bring makes me feel pleasant, creative, pleasant and harmonious.
Paintings for a modern home
Painting for a modern house
Paintings for a modern home
Paintings for a modern home
Although my house is more inClassic styleAnd the paintings match itis very. I feel thatBeautiful paintings also for a modern home, because they are warm and emphasize the material, as opposed to the coolness that can sometimes be found in a modern home, and also sometimes in the paintings themselves that can often be found in modern homes.

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