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Processed print prices:
 Print treated (and rough): a print in which I add layers of paint, gel and varnish manually, toOriginal appearance (see explanation)

Pricing is based on print size.
for example:

80 x 60 cm - 1,200 NIS
80 x 100 cm - 1,600 NIS
90 x 120 cm - 1,750 NIS
100 x 133 cm - NIS 2,400
Of course you can printin a wide variety of sizes
A painting on canvas of a yoga practitioner
Painting on canvas of a waiting girl
for purchase -contact
I would love to create, at no cost or obligation, Photoshop simulation On top of a photo of your wall. We will philosophize like this in our fun, we will check locations and measurements on works of your choice. I think this is a necessary part of the process. The only time we didn't do visualization, the drawing was too small for the space and we had to create a larger print.
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