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Paintings for the house
Paintings for the house

Paintings for the home - painting with gold tone, acrylic on canvas.

Beautiful paintings for the home

I just happened to buy a gold color instead of a beige color..
I never thought I would ever use gold for my paintings. And here some kind of opportunity arose. The gold in the painting is not clean, there are other colors that are incorporated into it, and the truth is - I was surprised by the result. It turns out that I was a bit fixated on the idea that using gold leads to certain results that I am less connected to, and here I came to something that is really interesting and surprises me. And I'm waiting for the opportunity to use gold again. I wonder when that will happen.
For the finish, I applied a special varnish that simulates a bit of glass coating. Not so typical of me either.

I came out happy for God.
I created a visualization for a client's house that has a natural Schlicht wall like this, and the painting looks amazing there. Finally he chosetwice in reverse", to his home.
Preferably served with a dark frame.

You can purchase the original painting in size 80/100 orPrint treated
  (which feels like an original) on stretched canvas, in additional sizes.  
Sample prices
To make sure the painting blends in nicely and fits the house, I suggestPhotoshop simulation free. Just send me a picture of the wall you would like to place the painting on, and I will make an exact match for you.

Do you have questions or want to place an order?
I am available by phone: 052-5455818.
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