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Paintings for the living room
Drawingon canvasto the living room 120/90 | twice in reverse
Paintings on canvas - twice reversed

"twice upside down"
Painting on canvas for the living room

A piece documenting two female champions practicing yoga in a handstand position. With a background of love for yoga and movement, I decided to combine the two together in my work.
Until I manage to do handstands like the champions do, I draw them. 
The painting "twice upside down" is designed to add warmth and happiness to your home. The use of a putty knife (especially in the figures themselves) adds to the texture and provides a unique experience and turns the drawing intoA great picture for the living room (alsoModern living room).

To make sure that the painting fits beautifully and perfectly into the sense of space in your home, I suggestPhotoshop simulation  for free. Just send me a picture of the wall you would like to place the painting on, and I will make an exact match for you.

Do you have questions or want to place an order?
I am available by phone: 052-5455818.
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