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Drawing for the living room

"brings up"
Painting on canvas

Drawing for the living room
A painting that is all fun, from the creative process to the result. I played with a palette knife, took risks, created and "destroyed", and rioted and relaxed. I finally let her rest :)

You can purchase the original painting in size 80/80 or  Print treated (which feels like an original) in additional sizes. A great picture for the living room and home in general. The painting is full of texture, it can be a perfect paintingfor a modern living room, thanks to the "heat" it gives.
Sample prices
To make sure that the painting fits beautifully and perfectly into the sense of space in your home, I suggestPhotoshop simulation  for free. Just send me a picture of the wall you would like to place the painting on, and I will make an exact match for you.

Do you have questions or want to place an order?
I am available by phone: 052-5455818.
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