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Work experience:


Since 2006, independent oh-studio

Art director, multimedia design and animation.

  • Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, publicity department -  In creative, animation, design (including user experience and alternatively next to print), video editing, exhibitions as well as all areas of multimedia, including providing design and multimedia services for the entire office. In addition, directing production companies and various service providers.

  • Service provider For leading companies, such as Teva, AT&T, Amdocs. Providing animation services for marketing needs as well as taking part in the creation of learning sets that include animation videos.


1999-2006, employee of AOP company
Art director, animator and in practice also project management, in a leading multimedia company (AOP). Development of learning systems, creation of marketing materials that include animation and video.


1998-1999  Creating presentations and videos mainly in Flash software and Director, for various companies.

Relevant education:

2023 -UX/UI design studies (online

2002- Animation studies (2D) independently

2001- Completion of visual communication design studies at "Askola" school in Tel Aviv (4 years).

2001 - Completion of the 3Dmax (3D) course at Sivan Computers.


  • Creative, conceptual thinker, artist.

  • Excellent human relations, patient and "invulnerable".

  • Has a high security classification.

  • Ability to establish and manage a studio, work in a team, excellent ability to function as a ONE MAN SHOW and as part of a team.

  • Extensive knowledge of website promotion in search engines (SEO & PPC) as well as optimization of navigation processes and usability.

  • Experience with many multimedia, video and sound programs.


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