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My process so far, and the story behind some of the paintings

I have always loved to paint, my late father was a painter himself. Even in the extended (and limited) family you can findpainterstalented
As an animator and multimedia designer, I found myself drawing and illustrating regularly, and I always knew that "someday" I would paint in oil or acrylic on canvas. This day came just a few months after the passing of my beloved father in 2016,Aryeh Hood (We will return to it later).
I remember the day I bought colors and fabric, I had a big smile and great satisfaction,Only from the purchase itself. At that time, I was still processing the hole that opened in my heart due to the longing for my father, and naturally I found myself painting mostly sadness and helplessness.
The first drawing
Then I came across this video, (below). This is the first time I was moved by dance. I drew two paintings inspired by him. This picture, hanging in my living room, has gone through several incarnations. And this is also the first time I used a palette knife, at first with great hesitation, then when I was in the zone, it went more smoothly. I haven't left the knife (putty knife) since. At this point, my dear wife  Of course, she asked me to hang the painting in the living room, suddenly I saw that my paintings make the house cozy.  
From then on, I knew that I was dealing with happy things and they are mainly, creation.. "music and movement". That sounds very familiar to me -"Music and movement" is the themethat my father Always a painter Cubist style (below), (except forWatercolors of alleys and landscapes). Who would have thought that these topics really suit me too.
From now on I also decided to make it easier on myself, and paint in acrylic. Wash the brushesin the water! No turpentine smells.

I find most of my inspiration mainly on Instagram, I understood the meaning of all the books my father left behind, he was inspired by many pictures there. These books, magazines and also photos he took himself - were his "Instagram".
Although my house is more inClassic styleAnd the paintings match itis very. I feel thatBeautiful paintings also for a modern home, because they are warm and emphasize the material, as opposed to the coolness that can sometimes be found in a modern home, and also sometimes in the paintings themselves that can often be found in modern homes.

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So I dug a little, what happened...
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