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Beautiful paintings for a modern living room

I am sometimes asked about ideas on beautiful paintings for a modern living room. What style of paintings is really suitable for a modern living room? 
As I understand it, modern houses have clean lines, and the textures are usually subtle and modest, geometric elements. By and large - minimalism rules.
Using large paintings in the living room, when there is a high or dominant wall, can fill the living room with animals. I would usually go for colorful paintings for a modern style living room. In my opinion, precisely when everything is so clean and restrained, there is room for a bit of boldness and color, a little riot on a canvas within its limits, can fit beautifully into this cleanliness and add life energy, substance and warmth.
Looking for ideas for paintings on canvas? You are welcome to send me photos of your modern living room (or any living room), and I will happily prepare for you, free of charge, a simulation with a canvas painting on a photo of your wall.
Painting for a modern living room
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