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What is treated print?

before i start In the "treatment" process, it is important to mention that the original drawing is printed with care and high quality. The process starts with an accurate scan or, more correctly to sayPhotoprofessional of the piece. I choose to do the photography in places that specializeBPhotography of works of art, to ensure the highest quality. Instead, care is taken to create test versions and make sure that the colors match the colors of the original painting.

The printing process itself is called an "art print" and is made on premium quality canvas. At this stage, I have a print stretched on a wooden frame, and already here, there is a big chance of getting confused between the original painting and the print.


Print treatedis the next step in the process, where IAdds color, gel and varnish. This is a 3-4 day process, at the end of which, a new creation is received, which looks and feels like an original.

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