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Bare walls are bad


Sometimes the decision on the perfect painting for the living room is so difficult. And the wall just remained empty for a long time. And what if it is possible to measure a painting on the wall, and get an idea of how it should look on the intended wall?


If you liked any painting, or even if you are debating between several paintings, I invite you to take a picture of the designated wall for me. I will create a visualization and adapt the painting and its dimensions to your wall perfectly. This way you can make a decision with confidence.
Simply, send a picture of the wall where the canvas painting should hang:
blank wall
I create a simulation (or two or.. 12) of the painting(s) on the wall in the picture
(In this case, you can see that the right drawing is a bit too big for me and the left one sits on a stamp:
the right size
Too big painting
And here is the final result, the real painting in the living room:
The real painting in the living room
You are welcome to send me a photo of your wall, and indeed easily and without exact imaging cost. Feel free: 052-5455818
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